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Hello From VirtualAstro 

A very big Hello from VirtualAstro and also a big thank you for signing up to this newsletter. If you can’t remember when or where you signed up you would have done so from the Meteorwatch or Night sky Show websites, or from a link posted by VirtualAstro on Twitter or Facebook. We don’t send many newsletters, so make sure you add us to your book marks or safe senders list and please don’t unsubscribe. However, you are free to do so.

The Show Must Go On in 2021

2020 has certainly been a challenging year. In the spring we were looking forward to a great line-up of shows and then Coronavirus happened. Not to be put off by having all Night Sky Show dates postponed at the time, VirtualAstro consequently took to Twitter and Facebook and introduced many to the night sky.

As a result, many people and their families spent a lot more time outside in their gardens etc enjoying the warm weather and the clear nights. Therefore, many of these people enjoyed watching the Space Station, planets, meteor showers and even spacecraft and satellites fly over after they were launched. It was a great time for anyone, even if they only had a slight interest in what was going on in the night sky. We mustn’t forget all the sacrifices and losses many people had though, but the Night Sky was a welcome escape. So, where do we go now?

VirtualAstro Events

VirtualAstro will certainly continue to guide and inspire people to look up in a fun, informative and easy to absorb way. This is what makes VirtualAstro indeed stand out from other astronomy social media accounts. It’s especially stargazing for ordinary people and for people in a hurry.

Consequently, you don’t have to join a club, subscribe or do GCSE or degree and become an astronomer. Above all enjoy the night sky at your own pace and level of enjoyment. Enjoy it in a way that pleases you the most. To sum up, it’s not just about science, it’s about nature, art, memories, feelings and a million other things. Furthermore, each person takes from the night sky what they will with no expectations. Hence many people from astronomers to artists, cooks to cosmologists and Poets to Physicists enjoy the night sky.

Similarly, we all like to be entertained and VirtualAstro will now entertain you. in 2021 VirtualAstro will be doing the Night Sky Show. Therefore, all previous Night Sky Show dates have been rescheduled and a few more will be added to the 2021 programme. Stay posted for future newsletters listing new shows and dates coming soon. With this in mind please see the 2021 program of shows here or on the Night Sky Show website.


Saturday 30th January Bristol – Matinee Book
Saturday 30th January Bristol Book
Saturday 13th March Cholsey, Oxfordshire Book
Saturday 27th March Newport, Isle of Wight Book
Saturday 10th April Glasgow – Matinee Book
Saturday 10th April Glasgow Book
Saturday 8th May Northampton Book
Friday 28th May Liverpool Book
Sunday 3rd October Southampton Book


Show Description:


The Night Sky Show will take you on an epic journey from our celestial back yard and across the cosmos. A show for anyone with a slight interest or more in the night sky.

A night for those who want to laugh, learn and enjoy. A fun, entertaining and memorable performance which will help you understand and enjoy the heavens above and universe beyond. Helpful for the next time you’re stargazing, or when you just look up and wonder. We’ll skip the heavy-going science and hard to follow explanations. The Universe and everything within will be presented in an entertaining and easily absorbed way.


This won’t be a boring astronomy talk; it will be a spectacular theatrical experience anyone can enjoy! Learn about the constellations, stars, planets and the deeper cosmos. The sheer scale of the universe and stories of the night sky.

Presented by Adrian West – A passionate and experienced astronomer. Better known as VirtualAstro on twitter and Facebook. He has one of the largest independent astronomy and space accounts on social media. He’s passionate about the night sky and inspiring people to look up by being interesting, down-to-earth and fun! Adrian has written many astronomy and space related articles for various popular online science magazines. He has also written guides and articles for the BBC, Met office and National Trust to name a few. If you look up and wonder, The Night Sky Show is for you.


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